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Beer Helps, Just Food Dear Sonya and Kelly,

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the entire staff at Just Food, we would like to thank you for generously participating in and contributing to LET US EAT LOCAL on October 3, 2012.

LET US EAT LOCAL honors great food from farm to plate to celebrates the local heroes who work hard every day to make good food available to all New Yorkers. For 16 years, Just Food has provided local farmers and communities with the resources and support they need to make fresh, locally grown food available in all NYC neighborhoods.

By making a contribution to support our fifth annual LET US EAT LOCAL, you have supported all of Just Food's important initiatives, including:
  • CULTIVATINTG COMMUNITY SUPPORTED AGRICULTURE. Just Food has launched more than 100 CSA projects in New York City, allowing more than 36,000 New Yorkers to join a CSA and purchase farm-fresh food directly from local farms each year. With the support of their New York City members, these farms have been able to grow, and not just survive
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  • PROMOTING URBAN AGRICULTURE. Just Food's City Farms and Farm School NYC programs provide training and support to urban community gardeners and farmers to help increase the amount of fresh produce that is grown, marketed and distributed in low-income NYC neighborhoods.
  • COMMUNITY FOOD EDUCATION. Just Food facilitates interactive workshops that teach farmers' market shoppers, food pantry clients and other enthusiastic and curious cooks how to prepare simple, healthy, seasonal dishes with fresh, local foods.
  • SECURING FRESH FOOD FOR ALL. Just Food connects close to 50 food pantries with farm fresh, locally grown food. More than 220,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables were delivered to needy New Yorkers last year alone.
Thank you for joining our efforts to support local farmers and to ensure that all New Yorkers have access to fresh, sustainable and locally grown food.

In Health and Harvest,

Jessica Gaffney, Events and Marketing Manager
Jacquie Berger, Executive Director
Just Food

Beer Helps